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Oct 092014

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. That awful sinking feeling the moment you realise you’ve lost your keys and are locked out. Knowing how stressful this can be, here at Abbey Locks our mission is to endeavour to provide great service, ensuring that replacing your house keys and locks is stress-free, efficient, and restores your piece of mind.

We understand that hiring a professional to work in your home can be daunting, after all, how can you tell if a locksmith is trustworthy with such importance as the security of your home? How can you find an honest and dependable professional and avoid the crooks and cowboys? As an esteemed and reputable Locksmith company with vast knowledge and experience in home security, the team at Abbey Locks have come up with a list of tips and tactics, to help you identify the credible from the corrupt.

1) Reputation – A company’s reputation is the most telling means of discovering their standard of workmanship. Built from recommendation and endorsement, it is a great way to determine the integrity of any company. Personal recommendations tend to be the most valuable and trustworthy, but it is always good to look at customer feedback online. As a local company, most of our customers come by word-of-mouth recommendations, or are returning customers. Over the years we have built a solid and trustworthy reputation, that we strive to uphold.

2) Locality – It is always good to use your local Locksmith. Feedback from our customers who previously used national Locksmith companies have noted the difference in quality and care. Larger national companies tend to subcontract without always performing the necessary checks to ensure the job is completed to high standard, or truly knowing the trades persons skill level or history.

3) Accreditation – Look for any certifications, especially governing body approved trade lists, as this generally means that the company has been thoroughly checked out. At Abbey Locksmiths, we are a police recognised Locksmith company.

4) Above and beyond – Locksmiths can offer more than getting you in your home when you’ve locked yourself out. A reputable locksmith will assess the security of your home, making sure existing locks are in good working order. At Abbey Locksmiths, we offer all kinds of security solutions tailored to your requirement to keep your property safe. We recommend methods that can make your property more secure, and look at how you can improve on any existing measures.

Finally, it is always good to do your research and source a reputable company before you actually need one, rather than contacting the first company you come across in an emergency situation. Find a company you’re happy to use should the unfortunate happen, and take a moment to tap it into your phone book. A professional, reputable company will help you keep you and your home safe when it really matters.

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