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Abbey Locksmiths – Locks and Security Measures
It has been proved that properties with inadequate security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security products fitted. Installing the recommended locks to windows and doors will make a big difference if your home or business was ever targeted by criminals. In most burglary cases, the criminal brakes into your home or office through a door or window, either by forcing the lock or window or kicking in the door. Investing in the right locks will insure your home or business is left safe and secure and is less likely to be an easy target for thieves.

How can Abbey Locksmiths help you?

Abbey Locksmiths have extensive knowledge of every available lock and security product to date, we supply and fit all makes of locks and hardware from basic locks to high end security products, locks can be fitted to meet insurance standards (BS3621) or whatever your requirements may be, whether you are moving office or home, need your locks changed, upgrading your locks for insurance purposes or worried about security, we can help. It is important to remeber when replacing locks, that it does not always mean the complete lock needs to be changed as a replacement cylinder or a change of levers is often all that is required.

We will never try and sell you something that isn’t necessary so when you speak with one of our locksmiths you will get free impartial advice on which locks will best suit your needs, whatever your budget. Our services include:

  • Lock fitting
  • Lock changing
  • Lock repairs and maintenance
  • Free security and insurance surveys

Important key areas for secure locks to be installed:

Locks and physical security is the most effective way of protecting your home or office from a burglary, and the money you pay now could save you substantially more in the long run. Whether you have moved to a new home or office, applying for or renewing your home or business contents insurance, you will need to check that your property has the adequate security and your locks are compliant with your insurers policy.

  • Front doors / Main entrances – This is probably the most important area as this is often the most accessible. For wooden doors we recommend at least one British Standard (BS 3621) dead lock to be fitted (this will also comply with most home or business insurance policy requirements) and a Rim Night-latch (Yale type lock) preferably a British Standard one as well.
  • Back doors – Since you will not usually be leaving your property through this door it means that additional bolts can be fitted on the inside of the door adding extra security.We recommend at least one British Standard Sash Lock or Dead Lock and two key locking door bolts (top and bottom of door)
  • Upvc doors – Normally new Upvc doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms as standard. These are adequate for most home insurance company polices providing they are ‘5 point locking mechanisms’, to check this look down the edge of your door and count the number of bolts, rollers or hooks that move when you lift the handle or turn the key. We can upgrade any old locking mechanisms to more secure 5 point locking versions. We also recommend for back doors as an extra measure to fit sash jammers (internal bolts for Upvc doors) which are relatively inexpensive and add extra security.
  • Windows – Another potential week point is windows, all ground floor windows should be fitted with key locking window locks along with any windows that are accessible (i.e from a flat roof or drain pipe) this applies to Upvc windows and wooden windows.
  • Sliding patio doors / French doors – All sliding patio doors and french doors should be fitted with key operated locks top and bottom of each door.

A selection of the most common types of Locks found on homes and offices:

Night Latch – often referred to as a ‘Yale’ lock.These locks are generally fitted to front doors. This type of lock will lock automatically without a key.Mortice Dead Lock – often referred to as a ‘Chubb’ lock. It is recommended that all external doors should at least one British Standard Deadlock fitted.Euro Cylinder – this is what all upvc doors are fitted with. Also can be found on aluminium doors and wooden doors fitted with cylinder dead locks.
Digital Lock – these are normally fiited to office doors as they save the need to have numerous keys and the code can be changed without having to replace the lock.Window Lock – all ground floor and accessible windows, patio doors and french doors should have key operated window locks fitted.Restricted Key Lock – a restricted key lock limits the amount of people who can duplicate keys. Abbey Locksmiths is an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer.


We only fit locks from certified lock manufacturers you can trust.

Abbey Locksmiths stock a wide variety of locks and security products for residential and commercial properties. We supply and fit all the leading locks brands including.

  • Yale
  • Chubb
  • Union
  • Banham
  • Ingersol
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • ERA
  • Securefast
  • Adams Rite
  • Kaba