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Jul 312013

The modern world of the locksmith

Working as a locksmith, you are providing an important service and many of your customers will appreciate a thorough and friendly service. Unfortunately some may be calling you out to change locks after a traumatic incident such as a burglary or domestic incident so you may find yourself calling out to a distressed customer. Alternatively someone may have just lost their keys, but can still be stressed about being locked out. These are common situations if you are out on an emergency call.

An understanding ear and acknowledgement that your customer may not always be in a great mood comes with the job. As a result people like to know they are dealing with trained and honest locksmiths who can answer all their questions and allay any security or access fears they may have. A good locksmith will come out with equipment to deal with almost any lock on arrival, rather than having to call back at a later time. Always agree a price before you begin your work and customers will appreciate a locksmith who can accomplish the job without resorting to destructive methods.

Customers may just be changing their locks and have booked you in advance or are fitting locks to a premises for the first time. This gives you an opportunity to get all the details before arrival and give a quote. This is where your knowledge is required to give the customer an idea as to what is legally required, for example on external doors for insurance compliance reasons. As a locksmith you will need to stay on top of safety standards and other compliance issues. Versatility is part of the job. You may not only be changing locks and fitting new locks but tackling broken keys still stuck in a door or car ignition. A large part of your work may involve vehicles as well as property.


Advancing technology

Security technology is always changing so locksmiths need to stay on top of all the available options from the very low tech deadbolts to more sophisticated electronic systems. Your lock fitting and the operation of locks may well have to fit into an electronic and video system. It could be a remotely operated system making use of IT technology.


An age old problem

A problem locksmiths can run into now and then is how to fit today’s security to period doors and windows. Few period door and window fittings can meet the security standards of today. One option is to replicate the period look in modern materials and manufacture. If your client wants to maintain original features, or indeed needs to as a result of listed building status or planning requirements you can find locks that will accommodate common features of period doors such as centrally located door knobs instead of a handle and eye level key holes. There are cylinder locks that can be placed at the high level and the addition of a latch snib can prevent accidental lockouts. A lock can be fitted that does not actually require a handle as a two turn operation will fully lock or unlock the door.


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